Shipping Policy

The team at Print station strives to give you the best shopping experience, and the most important part of which constitutes the shipping policies is also given due importance here. And our shipping policy aims at giving you the earliest delivery possible with the best packaging too. Except for the bigger, bulky items, we provide tamper-evident packaging for our products.

All our deliveries are made between 10 am and 7 pm on working days, and if some orders are missed out, they are dispatched the very next day. But do not worry, we will get your order delivered as soon as possible within two to three days itself, depending on the shipment address.

 We will also inform you when the product is shipped via the email address you have provided us.

Despite such efforts, if you find the order to be not in good condition, you could also return it. Refer our return policy for this. We also apologize for any unforeseen error on our side and seek your support as well as valuable feedback for improving our services.

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